Project records all the news all the time.

Be it a special theme or a topic of current interest, once broadcast on television, it is immediately covered by our research services that analyze data across time spans, programs and TV stations. We provide search, analysis, and delivery of media clips related to your theme of interest.

Media Coverage Research

We capture the latest information about "Company names" and "Brands" from key stations broadcast nationwide and the local stations in Osaka and Nagoya. Our database contains the broadcast media together with the associated text metadata. This allows us to conduct coverage research that spans both analytical and media related metadata. We also cover independent UHF stations and BS stations. Please check with us we might be covering just the station you want.

Logo Exposure and Sponsorship Analysis

If you want to study the efficiency of sports event sponsorship for televised sports like Baseball, football, golf or marathon, our Sponsorship Analysis service should be just what you need. The reports include an aggregated presentation of the frequency, duration and context of the media exposure received by the company logos and products of your interest.

Product Placement Survey

Research the exposure level achieved by your product placement plan with our Product Placement Survey. You will receive detailed analytical reports about the duration and nature of the media exposure received by your product.

Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE)

We can equip you with metrics based on station wise Advertising Rate Cards to help you estimate the PR valuation for a given company.

Keyword Search

Our news archive contains the most comprehensive media content in Japan. News clips are available after the original broadcast date. You can search for TV clips by “keyword” for example: by brand, by company, by celebrity. And our customized “Keyword Search” report gives detailed exposure information such as airing date, station, program name.

CM Library

Our extensive CM database archive is indexed using the following attributes - date, station, sponsor/company, product, image character and BGM. If you are unsure about the search terms in any of those, our library allows you to search with circumstantial information, like “CM in the rain” or “CM with office scene”. Our CM Library has all data aired after 1990.

Overseas Broadcast Monitoring

Project also provides overseas clips. By having affiliate agencies throughout the world, we enable you to search CM and news clips from all over the globe.

CM Photo Monitoring (CM Storyboard)

This service is useful primarily for advertising agencies and direct advertisers. Shot-by-Shot, high-post-production storyboards of television commercials are easily available with us.

CM Online Service and “Online Research 24”

The easy-access, customizable online ad intelligence center for accessing competitive advertising data anytime. Up-to-the-minute advertising online services give you a comprehensive competitive advertising picture. “Online Research 24” -- one of our online services, allows you to search our online library for a day when you do not need an extended contract.

Other Media: Internet//Newspaper/Magazine

Project provides more than just television broadcast monitoring. We also offer Exposure Volume Comparison among TV and other media: Internet, Newspaper and Magazine. Please contact us for details about research that includes other media types.